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Ranking of Narnia

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Ranking of Narnia Empty Ranking of Narnia

Post by STAFF on Wed Jun 20, 2018 10:52 pm

This is the ranking within Narnia. You are placed in a group and what role you take within that group is up to you. You will be allowed to change your rank every 2 months. Read each rank and their duties to help you decide what rank s best for you. All Ranks are Unlimited in spacing.


- King
The king is the highest orderly known in the Kingdom of Narnia. He governs the lands and calls any and all to arms in a time of need. The king must be both loyal and accustomed to the ways of Narnia. He must also hear what his people have to say, for a well led kingdom has more than one mouth and many ears. The king has many duties which include but are not limited to:

  • Hosting in Aslans honor (Balls, hunts, parades, etc.

  • Uphold the Laws of Narnia and the deep magic

  • Comes to a peaceful standing in any hostile lead situation.

  • Great use of strategy for unwarly and warlike situations

  • Tend to the needs of his people

- Queen
The Queen is beside her king, loyal and honorable to her husband and her kingdom. The queen takes to the knowledge of the kingdom such as population, landfull duties, and sometimes, though not often, war decisions.

- Heirs
Heirs shadow their mother or father in which ever duty they profess. It is not common for heirs to take another profession aside from their descendants but still remains a possibility.

- Prince
Shadows the king and fallows smaller duties within the kingdom. Such duties may be small demands to the common people, learning the duties of becoming king, and assisting in war.

- Princess
Shadows the duties of the queen while in training.

The Court

- Lord
Obtain small land masses of their own. Each lord is entitled to a peace of land, currency, and a combination of the common people he chooses.

- Lady
Follows under the lord, and she is also entitled to the same rights as the lord she is with.

- General
oversees the armies of the king and leads them into battle. His or her duty is also to report to the king or queen daily. Reports of battle, currency, and other matters within the kingdom apply.


- Squire

- Knight

- Captain

- Gatekeeper

- Patrolman

- Calvary

- Military


- Mentors

- Stablehands

- Harvesters

- Clothmaker

- Blacksmith

- Tradesman

- Messenger

- Shaman

- Servant

- Beggar


- Assassins

- Merchants

- Travelers

- Visitors

- Friends


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