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Biography Template [Optional, but MUST READ]

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Biography Template [Optional, but MUST READ] Empty Biography Template [Optional, but MUST READ]

Post by STAFF on Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:42 pm

Name*: This would be your character name. Middle and last names are allowed.

Nick Name: If your character has a nick name, put it! If not, that is okay, you don't need to include this field.

Native?: Are you born in the realm of Narnia or are you a Son of Adam or Daughter of Eve?

Age*: Age is to be said in years only. Since Narnia has many creatures that inhabited its lands, please refer to the Creature Guide so that you can see the age limitations for some of the popular species.

Gender*: Male or Female

Character Type*: (Ex: Royal)

Personality*: This should be at least 5 sentences or 5 Characteristics.

History*: This can be anything. If you wish to develope this in the RP, you can.

Reference: Photo and/or written description


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